Playground behind Mark House

Today I received the invitation to come to 2 consultation events in the Glasshouse on 13 November 2009 between 5-8pm and on 4 December 2009 between 4-7pm.

Initially this development was decided upon consultation with parents but then when looking at this further, concerns were raised about this being too near a busy road. Also residents were not heard prior to the decision making process.

It’s now all very quick to tell us that the playground will be built by March 2010.

The Parkview Neighbourhood Watch unanimously decided that the best space for a playground would be the current car park in front of the Glasshouse, as it borders the venue immediately and is not so near to people’s windows as the “behind Mark House” playground will be. Other options considered were the Rosebery House football pitch.

I shall be present at both consultation meetings to take and listen to the view of residents as representative of the Parkview Neighbourhood Watch.

You may complete an online survey about this project at this website here


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