Justice Seen Justice Done event

Parkview Neighbourhood Watch, in particular I, Johanna Kaschke have received a grant from the Home Office to produce newsletters and a community event on Parkview estate.

We need sponsors from local or other business, please advertise on our newsletter at only £10 for b&w ad or web link and £25 for colour ad.

This will take place in August 2010 at St. James the Less Community Hall and grounds, exact date to be confirmed.

This will include children’s activities, supervised by PATH, Play Association of Tower Hamlets. (Parents still need to stay with their children and cannot leave them) The grounds contain a playground and gardens.

We’ll have Halal curry and food on offer as well as Barbeque, cakes and other refreshments. Anyone who wishes to participate please let me know.

We’ll rent stalls for a modest fee of £20,there is capacity for around 10 stalls. Also bring and buy for our residents. The Safer Neighbourhood Team and Crime Prevention Officers will be on hand to offer good advice and hand out goodies.

We’ll hand out 2 newsletters on Parkview estate and knock on doors to get your opinions first hand, we’ll have identification on us, visible through your spy hole, if you are unsure, please ring 07919444661 to get confirmation that the person knocking on your door is one of the Parkview Neighbourhood Watch team.


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