Justice seen Justice Done With Gordon Brown at the Richmix centre

I was invited on Friday to attend a round table discussion today, prior to the public event with a senior Labour Party minister.

The public event was to start at 11:30 and the round-table discussion at 11:00 am. Unfortunately I arrived at 11:15 and so missed sitting around a table with Prime Minister Gordon Brown, Home Office Minister Alan Johnson and Communities Secretary John Denham.

Even though I am the only Neighbourhood Watch coordinator in Bethnal Green North and also had a red button on my badge, I was refused entry to the round table discussion  as I was late.

I thought, well I can ask my question in support of the Justice Seen, Justice Done work I do during the public Question and Answer session but had no luck as the well rehearsed presentation in conjunction with Talksport did not allow for any time for my question, which would have been why won’t the Council, Tower Hamlets Homes not allow for CCTV on our council estate, as this would definitely an asset for crime fighting purposes, and though it could not prevent it, help solve it.

My question was not being heard though I had been given a grant from the Justice Seen Justice Done Budget recently a positive affirmation from the Prime Minister would have done wonders for my crime fighting campaign on our estate, which was supported by the East London Advertiser.


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