Area forum meeting 2 Nov 2009

held by Tower Hamlets Homes for residents was sparsely attended. if I understand this right, the plans for an area forum have been shelved.

What is in the pipeline are residents forums on each estate and that the borough is divided into 17 neighbourhoods.

Also suggested were individual surgeries with estate officers prior to TRA or forum meetings, to take the sting out of individual’s urges to discuss their own problems on a policy meeting. Resident forums should take place even if TRAs are functional on an estate as they are often not representative and many cannot attend for other commitments. the individual’s ability to complain and contribute by any method they choose must never be eradicated.

I emphasised that I think it is wrong that too much reliance is placed on unpaid and often unqualified volunteers. That people want leadership, professionalism and a clear direction and reliability  for democratic input to have proper effect. We currently see a bottom up management of estates, that one often feels that nothing is done unless someone complains.  Unfortunately also a policy of Safer Neighbourhood Teams.

I raised the matter of privacy and picture-taking and publishing on estate based events without permission.

Also the issue of CCTV was discussed and Paul Herbert emphasized the cost and that will also be discussed at the next Neighbourhood Watch meeting on 1 December as we were presented with a large signature petition asking for CCTV and also give people the opportunity to further support this.


3 thoughts on “Area forum meeting 2 Nov 2009

  1. I think CCTV is useful to help reduce crime and the fear of crime in residential areas so I can understand why there would be a petition for this. It must be said though in order to be effective CCTV must be well planned, monitored and maintained.

    • In my experience people who don’t want CCTV often get it and those who do want it don’t. I’ve learned there are 2 types of CCTV, the one from LBTH that has live coverage and is constantly monitored and then another type where things are filmed and the tape is only looked at when required.

  2. Thats right Johanna. Especially for the latter unmonitored system planning and maintenance is more critical because if there are problems with the system you wont know about it until you come to review the recordings. Its an important point to keep in mind.

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