Warning, Bogus Callers

Parkview Neighbourhood Watch received the following e-mail today from a THH housing officer:

Hi All,

 I have just had a phone call from DC Mitchell from Bethnal Green Burglary Squad, she has informed me that an 86 year old woman at Jarman House was targeted by a very organised gang posing to be from the water board, they talked there way into her home and robbed her.

 There have been 26 of the same type of burglary’s over the past 6 weeks in the Borough of Tower Hamlets, supposedly by the same gang, they are very professional as they have left no DNA forensics.

 If you have TRA’s let them know and also make any elderly tenants that you know aware that this is happening, the Police are trying to get posters made and when they do they will be sending some to us.

 If you have or want any information on any of the above feel free to contact them on 020 8217 6689.


Laura Duncan”

What can we do to alert the people of our estate, can we go around knocking on doors? Parkview Neighbourhood Watch will not be calling on people’s doors.


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