Parkview NW meeting on 6 October 2009

Dear readers

The next meeting of the Parkview Neighbourhood Watch is held in a public venue, namely Mayfield House, corner of Old Ford and Cambridge Heath Road, (first floor). We will discuss the matter about the Glasshouse community centre on the Parkview estate and that does not only concern residents of the Parkview estate but the wider areas. Please come along if you wish to make an impact on this matter. It is agenda item 6 and all are welcome to attend and participate in this point.  We feel it more appropriate to meet outside of the Glasshouse especially as one of our members has been verbally insulted when visiting the venue. I feel the venue also looks run down and complaints of anti-social behaviour have been made. Customer care is poor and unprofessional at the Glasshouse. You may be particularly pleased and report this too. The Glasshouse is in a status of uncertainty as the Jack Dash House Tower Hamlets Homes Residents Participation Team has left the issue of running the venue much too long in the air. Whilst the people in the Glasshouse believe it will close I have been told that it shall remain open with a different management.

Should you wish to learn about Neighbourhood Watches please also come along to take some tips.

Ideally Neighbourhood Watches and TRAs should have the same objectives but do not always and necessarily have them. Neighbourhood Watches are independent from local housing or authority and directly under the Home Office and work with the local police with their own values.


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