Ma Kelly’s doorstep

Parkview Neighbourhood Watch would like to recommend this event as a very worthwhile entertainment on a Tuesday afternoon that is both fun and educational.

The play will be performed in our local St. James the Less Church in St. James the Less Avenue, London E2 and is aimed to help local residents decide on whether to let in callers or not.

We had a spade of bogus callers who prey especially on the elderly and this play helps people to feel confident to turn people away if they are not sure whether they are genuine or not.

It is a free play organised in conjunction with the Safer Neighbourhood Police as a means to educate the locals about bogus callers.

The play is called Ma Kelly’s doorstep and will be performed by the Attic Theatre Company on Tuesday 15 September at 2pm.

Please book yourself a free seat by calling 020 8721 2851.


One thought on “Ma Kelly’s doorstep

  1. Went to see this play and must say it was the most enjoyable hour I spent since a long time. Great spirits and musical and theatrical presentation. They got it right and everyone loved it. I so much enjoy the Vera Lynn style musical entertainment. Fight the bogus callers on the door step not on the beaches.

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