Tenants representation

I have been to some very interesting events during the last few days and would like to share it with you.

Firstly the Safer Neighbourhood meetings are changing. They are going to be 2 different types of meetings, the open and public meetings and the permanent ‘officers’ type of meetings of selected representatives of estates, whether TRA or Neighbourhood Watch or dedicated individuals.

There are open and dedicated representative’s meetings though both are open to the public.

The Tower Hamlets Homes area forum is a new body to represent tenants under Tower Hamlets Homes.

Though these days tenants and lease holders are both called tenants, a definition I do not agree to.

The new forum has a structure that consists of 3 area forums, which amalgamate in a resident panel. consisting of 3 teants and 2 leaseholders and 5 councillors and 5 independents, if I understood that right.

We have had one meeting and I objected to lease holders having a special off-shoot called the   forum, when they already have the lease holder Association and if the lease holders have a special forum I think that tenants equally should be entitled to their own forum too. So far things are being discussed. My point being that tenants have no right to discuss the charges they have to pay as council tax but lease holder have the right to discuss service charges and we cannot put the 2 under the same hat and call both tenants but treat them differently.

At the next meeting we look to elect officers for the panel.

Yesterday I went to a special training course, paid for by Tower Hamlets Homes called the London Tenant Empowerment Conference. It was held at a hotel near Regents Park and attended by persons like the Ombudsman, and representatives from the London Tenant Federation who work closely with the Mayor of London.

A very informative day in pleasant surroundings and well presented and organised.


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