Just read in a BBC article how a newly built school is integrating CCTV cameras in classrooms, corridoors and play areas. The schools is Stockwell Park High School in South London.

This is “with” the support of the parents, pupils and staff but of course some ideologists have to query the concept. I am in support, it is in line with changed social circumstances and the practicality of it is imminently obvious. Especially to combat theft in classes, where school bags are normally left on seats, which often contain travel tickets, mobile phones, money and students’ work, it is justified to put CCTV into the classes.

Also of course the anti-social issues between pupils are monitored better, of course it cannot be monitored what has been said and led to a dispute in the first place but there are systems available that even monitor sounds. The guideline should be, whatever has been said, physical violence or theft are never excusable.

We do not have close social networks any longer, not in schools and not on housing estates, as people constantly change, staff changes and we are not those little villages any longer where everyone knows what the other one is doing as it used to be.

That someone could abuse the system is not a good argument as such if and when grounds are merely philosophical and unsubstantiated.

Even on housing estates crime can be cut considerably if CCTV is in place. The only draw back is that it takes staff to monitor those cameras and all those laid off from other jobs can look forward to new jobs such as CCTV camera observer?


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