Estate news 20 July 2009

Having got myself ready this morning to participate in the monthly repairs inspection I had to realise that the scheduled walk-around had been cancelled again. Ringing the housing services in Rushmead gave me the information that one believes the estate officers Mr Mohammed Jowardhar has been replaced with another officer and that they have swapped areas.

Whereas I find it important that we get those schedules kept to and that regardless who is the housing officer such repairs inspections should take place as scheduled and if not that notice is given to people who usually take part in those inspections that there is a problem.

But no such thing happened, I rang Rushmead twice. I shall try to raise it at the next LAP 1 meeting if possible and the Service Improvement Working Group to take place later this week. There is also a new Area working group to meet next week, to which I have been invited.

I then got a call from a Mr Miah who is the new estates officer for Parkview and Wellington Estates and the repairs inspection shall take off at 10:15 today, after all.

Tomorrow I shall attend the Safer Neighbourhood Bethnal Green North Ward panel meeting to discuss, among other issues the Glasshouse complaints.

For the Glasshouse funding problems, Councillor Ranja Khan is scheduled to visit the venue this week and I shall meet her there myself together with Ray, Jackie works at a play centre in Tower Hamlets and can’t be there.

Let you know at the end of the week how things went. Iaim to make this more transparent so that residents know what is going on.


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