Attack near Parkview Estate

Police setup an incidence tent at the scene of the attack

Police have set up an incident tent at the scene of the attack

I walked home from collecting my granddaughter from school and at about 14:10 came past police taping up the incident area near the entrance to Victoria Park at Sewardstone Road, Approach Road.

A man was lying in the road near a stretcher moaning and groaning and apparently according to first hand witness reports, the man crossed the road, he made some gestures and 2 persons emerged from the car, equipped with metal pipes and beat the man until he was unconscious.

This is now the 3 dreadful incident in as many month in our immediate area.

A few weeks ago, a volunteer tending the garden near St. James the Less Church in St. James the Less Avenue, just down the road from Sewardstone Road, got beaten up by a youth walking past who did not like the garden waste obstructing his walk.

Shortly before that, a couple of joy riders crashed their car around the corner from Sewardstone Road into St. James the Less Avenue and crashed into not only one but 3 cars parked there.

As chair of the Parkview Neighbourhood Watch I demand that CCTV cameras be installed in our neighbourhood. What chance will police have without it to get the attacker of the church volunteer or the attackers that emerged from a car to beat up a pedestrian?

A couple of years ago my daughters said there was shooting incident also at that same park entrance.


Sewardstone Road is a one-way street

Just coming back from speaking to a police officer and she also said CCTV would be better for out own safety as this is a secluded spot with lots of through traffic and it would be better for our own safety.

This road is a one-way street and attacks from cars cannot be investigated properly unless there is a CCTV camera that can monitor the area, as a police officer also confirmed to me today.

The East London Advertiser now runs a poll for or against CCTV and at the time of writing the result showed 5:1 in favour for CCTV. CCTV helps for all sorts of crime, rape, hate crime, car crime, drug dealing, murder, attacks, muggings, etc. CCTV does not discriminate against certain groups and helps us all, please vote for it.


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