Water cut off in Rosebery House

Morrison’s the contractors sent a letter round to residents in Rosebery House that the water will be cut off between 9am in the morning and 1pm in the afternoon on the 14th July 2009.

I didn’t think much of it and went outside to tend the green, when I saw at around 2pm a man with a long ladder going into my block. This man had blond hair and was around 50 but had no company ID on him. In future I shall question people who get onto the roof and have no company ID on them.

Then I noticed that all my water had been cut off. Asking other neighbours next to me, they said their water was on, even though they had some repairs carried out about a boiler.

I then rang the council’s repair service who, eventually, after the 2nd call, gave me a job number.

Morrison’s arrived around 9pm to confirm that all water to flats 9, 12, 15 Rosebery House, as they are in the same stack had been cut off, including all drinking water, water to bath and toilets as well. But he had no long ladder on him to get onto the roof to fix the problem.

As of today, 15th July 2009, 10am, we still have not got any water. I rang up the council again and been told that there are several complaints now about this. I would like to flash the toilet, do the washing, washing up and other household chores requiring water please.

Apparently the council has to wait for the e-mail report fromt he contractor before they can further action the problem. I think that it is taking a bit too long to fix the problem. Easy for someone to get onto the roof to turn off all water to residents, but lenghty procedure to get it back on.

I have noticed a number of plumbing problems on the block lately, the water tank above the block ontaining no 1 Rosebery constantly leaks since months now. We’ve never had to wait so long to get plumbing related problems fixed.


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