Hi-di-hi its holiday time

Apparently 55% of all parents asked in a survey for the Training and Development Agency for Schools (TDA) state they are worried their children watch too much TV or play too many computer games. A comprehensive BBC report reveals that play centre and holiday schemes in other areas cost parents £10 per week and are heavily subsidised whilst they cost £10 per day in Tower Hamlets for working parents and £4 per day for benefit recipients. That is in the local authority area that is classed to be the poorest in Britain.

I have booked a question to be asked at the next full Council meeting on 15 July 2009, at Mulberry Place at 7:30 because I cannot quite understand why the council cuts back on essential child holiday provision.

Summer holidays are known to be sticky points and anti-social behaviour rates are likely to shoot up in those 6 weeks.

A school in Lancashire has professional football classes with footballers from Blackpool FC, and runs themed weekends and even the police runs classes for kids.

I am most worried about the cost of holiday provision for children here in Tower Hamlets, running into £220 for 25 days for benefit recipients and £370 for working parents.

This cutting back on essential community subsidies is deeply worrying especially as it coincides with cutting back funding for community centres that traditionally provide holiday events on a voluntary basis.

On the same Wednesday the 15 July 2009, I also present a petition on behalf of the Glasshouse Community Centre that had its funding cut.


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