Obese in Tower Hamlets

It is now a well known medical fact that if you are overweight your life expectancy is lower than if you are your ideal weight.  As part of the healthy living strategy for Tower Hamlets Councillor Turner made a remark about obese children at the most recent LAP 1 steering group meeting.

Residing in Tower Hamlets I hardly ever see an obese child but plenty of thin and very thin ones. Should we not put more emphasis on malnourishment in Tower Hamlets rather than concentrate on the few and far between obese children in our borough? I am almost certain that statistics will show a lack of nourishment in general rather than obesity being the main problem and Tower Hamlets should more concentrate on the particular problems in this area and duck the trend rather than follow it.

I agree, obese children need to be worked with and their parents made aware of the health risks but that is the very small minority of all children in this area and this problem should be put into proportion of the more serious problem of poverty and under nourishment.


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