Recent complaints about the Glasshouse

The Glasshouse Community Centre on Parkview Estate

The Glasshouse Community Centre on Parkview Estate

As chair of the Parkview Neighbourhood Watch I would like to assure all residents that we support those who make complaints about noise and anti-social behaviour issues. I advise for those residents overwhelmed by loud noise late at night to ring 02073647070 for out-of-hours noise complaints and ring 999 if revellers cause damage to nearby garden fences.

The Parkview Neighbourhood Watch does not have any say in the running of the Glasshouse. This is the responsibility of the Parkview TRA, chair Neil Thompson. Please see contact details as advertised on this blog.

Even though I wrote to the East London Advertiser supporting the Glasshosue as a valuable community resource, I do not support the loud noise nuisance, nor the off-shoots like drunken behaviour and noise on the estate. Most residents support the Glasshouse for child care and light day time entertainment like Bingo, tea and coffee, arts classes but not the late night loud parties.

Especially as the Glasshouse is a glass building all noise from there can be heard as it is not insulated against noise pollution in any way and not suitable for those types of events.

I have written to the chair of the Parkview TRA and await a response. I shall still present the petition at the Council meeting on 15 July 2009 and particularly say that it does not support noisy late night parties and associated antisocial behaviour.

Today I requested from the chair of the Parkview TRA that an emergency meeting be called to discuss the issues of late night noise and anti-social behaviour generated by the community centre and I am awaiting a reply.

Having had a reply now from Neil Thompson, I learned he is about to go on holiday. I would advice all residents to come to our next Neighbourhood Watch meeting and AGM on 3 August 2009, at 7:30 pm, to talk about the Glasshouse issue.

I have also approached Emma Sackett the Sectretary of the TRA to invite the local Police to hold Safer Neighbourhoods meetings in the Glasshouse. I am working very hard to resolve any issues and please contact me directly if needed.

I shall be at the Glasshouse this Saturday 11 July 2009 between 7 and 8pm together with Ann Edmead to hear complaints and again the week after on 18 July 2009 at the same time.


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