Saving energy

Woman preparing to take a shower

Woman preparing to take a shower

I am currently conducting a house to house survey on the estate and one resident’s request for immersion heaters stood out amongst the rest. The gentleman is concerned that he is using and forced to use too much energy when he needs hot water.

Our flats are equipped with old-fashioned circular systems that contain a gas boiler and hot water tank. The system is set to heat up the whole tank of water and then re-heats the content of that hot-water tank when the temperature falls below a certain level as set by the resident.

One single person, as the gentleman, would not even need a whole tank full of hot water for doing the washing up, washing or having a bath.

Ah, there is another snitch, because we do not even have showers in our flats. We need to have a bath; as it is well established by now a bath takes much more water than a shower.

We are wasting 2 things, first of all too much electricity when heating up unnecessary amounts of hot water and secondly we use too much water where we must have a bath. I tried using those stick on shower caps but have not yet managed to use nicely and in any case it does not reduce the amount of hot water that has to be heated up to have a shower in any case.

Housing department, when are we going to get showers and immersion heaters?


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