Community Cash Back

Is the latest government initiative after the Community Pay Back. There is a big emphasis on communities at the moment.

Via a website, people from 42 areas are encouraged to suggest how proceeds from crime, currently at £4 Million can be spent.

The total monies raised from crime have risen from £136 million in 2008 to £148 million this year but we only get to say what should happen to less than 4% of that cash.  42 local Justice Boards can bid for up to £95.000 of that cash each.  That should be a nice little earner for those who uphold the law.

Shadow Home Office Minister James Brokenshaw however criticises that it costs £15 to recover £1, so not quite as profitable as it could be. This is where we local Crimefighters come in because the more we can help to make crime fighting efficient, the less it is going to cost to reclaim monies from criminals.

If we concentrate on helping discover and fight criminal behaviour, cut the red tape that keep our police buried in paperwork, we could recover even more money or would not have to spend so much to fight crime in the first place.

Discovering how to prevent youth from getting into crime is hot on the agenda in our area as well and I shall write about this in a separate post.

Unfortunately so far I have been unable to find the website that allows people to suggest the use for cash back monies and could only find this BBC article about this.


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