Recycling on Parkview Estate

The rubbish container at the end of Rosebery House near the football pitch

The rubbish container at the end of Rosebery House near the football pitch

Having met Mr Jowardhar and an officer responsible for recycling on Parkview estate and especially around the Sewardstone Road area and Rosebery House, it has been concluded that it is necessary for an out-reach workers to contact residents in a door-to-door fashion to educate them about how to recycle and where recycle bins should be located.

Rather than go ahead and built recycling platforms at the upper end of the Rosebery House footpath this consultation should precede any such decision making process.

As can be seen from the picture above, 2 items that appear to look like recyclable materials are on top of the bin, both items, the brown paper bag and the pink recycling bag contain items of clothing. It is not the responsibility of the caretakers to remove items such as clothing from the recycling and that recycling would be classified as contaminated.


This picture shows both the external rubbish bin and the recycling container situated near the football pitch.

Residents use those 2 bins the most as it is convenient for them on their route to work or on the way to St. James Avenue. We should ideally reduce rubbish even further so that we reduce the general rubbish by 50% and increase the recycling. Therefore the outreach officers will shortly be calling on households about this issue. Please ensure that all callers have their ID batches on them before you talk to them.

Please note, do not put any clothing into the recycling and also the recylcing bin cannot accommodate packaging e.g. the white styrophor packing materials, they have to go into the general rubbish.

The discarded rubbish above, e.g. old kitchen units make the place look unsightly and I would welcome any residents who want to complain about the appearance of the area in respect of accommodating extra rubbish or recycling bins and the storage of those materials.


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