Residents’ Question Time

Tower Hamlets, here Canary Wharf

Tower Hamlets, catapulted into financial services with the arrival of Canary Wharf, the rest of the borough is residential

The latest UN report on drug use is of interest to us, especially as there is supposed to be a lot of drug dealing problems in the London and Tower Hamlets area. Here in Bethnal Green North the Safer Neighbourhood Police has declared us a priority area because of a drug dealing and using problem. The United Nations have condemned the UK to be the cocaine capital of Europe. See MSN report. BBC report.

That is nothing to be proud of. It must be very detrimental to people’s health when they take drugs that are only 5% pure. A quarter of all class A drug users live in London.

I think that the current economic low does not encourage alternative occupational activities for those who are blighted by drug use. I think as a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme we should report as much as we can to rid this area of drug dealing.

I have heard objections to reporting dealers to the police and or the landlord and fears were voiced that those dealers then lose their tenancy but that can only be beneficial for the dealer and the community. If we allow the dealers to reside among us and carry out their trade, our children will pick up this habit as normal.

Once drug users/dealers are moved they have to seek help and there are help agencies out there to rehabilitate those type of offenders.

Especailly car crime like stealing from inside of cars or even the wheels is quite common in drug dealing areas and we had our fair share of nightly broken windows in cars parked in our streets and each morning the pavements were strewn with broken windscreens. We don’t like this, not in our area. I even twice had to witness cars being broken into in broad daylight.

One can report suspicious behaviour anonymously via Crime Stoppers, on 0800 555 111. All emergencies to 999 please.

Our local non emergency police number is 0300 123 1212

I think the cheapest way to monitor repetitive behaviour is to write down dates, times, other distinctions like location, looks, number plates and hand this to the police once a week.

This latest UN report is another shock for us, after the child poverty one.

I am particularly concerned about the picture map of drug use throughout the world on this BBC report. However when I go onto the MET Police site I find no easy reference about crime statistic that are drug related, they do not seem to be stated at all.

I shall enquire about that because if drug related crime is so prevalent as the UN suggests in our capital city, we should get more statistics about it. At the latest Police and Community Safety Board meeting I specifically asked the question how the percentages of drug dealing in Tower Hamlets are relating to street and domestic dwellings and that figure was not at hand.

With Tower Hamlets being the most densely populated borough in the country perhaps with an immense amount of domestic dwellings I can imagine that a lot of dealing takes place from flats. I therefore think that more emphasis should be put on fighting it from that angle.

We have on the 30 June 2009 at the V&A Museum of Childhood in Cambridge Heath Road Bethnal Green E2 9PA “Residents’ Question Time” and I think we should enquire with the police why there are no crime figures available in respect both of dealing drugs in Tower Hamlets and in general how this activity is broken down between dwelling or street dealing.


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